Vitiligo is a condition in which your skin loses melanin, the pigment that determines the colour of your skin. Vitiligo is an auto-immune disease where the person’s own immune system starts attacking the pigment producing cells.

1. Who can get Vitiligo?

It usually affects 1-2% of the population. Vitiligo usually starts as small areas of pigment loss that may spread and become larger with time.

2.What causes Vitiligo?

While still largely unknown, there are various theories which have been put forward by researchers. The most accepted theories are Autoimmunity, Autocytotoxicity, Neural, and Genetic.

3.Is Vitiligo hereditary?

In a normal population, 1% to 2% children have the risk of developing Vitiligo, while children of Vitiligo-affected parents may have a 10% to 20% risk of developing Vitiligo.Detection of faulty genes causing Vitiligo is currently not available.

4.Why The Kosme Care?

Dr Alok Sultania believes in detailed consultations for skin conditions. Vitiligo treatment is a journey and the patient needs to understand this. We provide:

  • Accurate information about Vitiligo/Leukoderma.
  • Follow up with body charts and real time photographs.
  • Assess and do elaborate investigations so that we do not miss on even the minute details.
  • Customize treatment as per individual patient.
  • To answer all doubts of patients and their relatives.

We allocate sufficient time for a difficult condition such as Vitiligothat requires keen attention. All our patients are seemingly well informed about the condition and treatment options. We have a huge list of successfully treated Vitiligo patients who now share a very cordial relation with us.