Acne vulgaris is the medical term for pimples.
Acne is a disorder that affects the skin’s oil glands and hair follicles. When sebaceous glands start producing more sebum or oil and is not cleaned properly, it forms a clog on the surface of the skin that attracts bacteria to proliferate and thus inflammation takes place which results in Acne formation.

1.What are the causes of Acne??

It can be multifactorial though some common causes may include:

  • Greasy cosmetics
  • Hormonal changes
  • Emotional stress
  • Menstruation
  • Pollution
  • Insulin resistance
  • PCOS

2.Why do we need to treat Acne?

Acne may be seen at some point of time in our life but if untreated it can lead to dark spots and permanent scars. Treating your active acne early is of utmost importance as most patients reach us post development of acne scars. Acne scarring is really tricky to treat so the most important thing is to avoid it.
Sometimes severe psychological concerns like low self-esteem and depression which are particularly devastating for adolescents are also seen in practice. Therefore, prompt and accurate treatment is a must to avoid the above problems as acne is completely manageable. Stay away from some of the crazy home remedies or OTC medications in an effort to get rid of acne. If you have acne/ pimple problem that won’t go away – Don’t suffer in silence, treat it early as EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS DO EXIST.

3.Is it possible to develop new acne even while on treatment?

This is sometimes seen that even on medication, 1-2 pimples can pop up. There is nothing to worry and in its due course it will resolve. However if there is an important event, a procedurecalled ILTAC can be done to make it go away faster.

4.Can I continue my regular parlour facials?

Most of the time, a parlour facial has ingredients that could be harsh and lead to a flare of acne lesions. You can opt for Hydrafacial or Oxygeneo facial at the clinic which helps with ongoing medications by unclogging pores and killing bacteria.

5.Should I stop wearing makeup if I have acne?

You don’t have to stop wearing makeup altogether, but you might try switching brands or going with a different type. If you’re noticing breakouts along the sides of your temples, hair creams or gels might be exacerbating your acne. Look for cosmetics with the label “noncomedogenic,” meaning that they don’t clog pores. You can ask the clinic pharmacy for a noncomedogenic acne friendly make-up remover.