D.D.B.L (K.M.C. Mangalore)

"The Medical Director, The Kosme Care"

Dr. Alok Sultania An alumnus of the prestigious K.M.C. Mangalore. St. Jones, Bangalore . Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai . Advance Laser Center, Mangalore.
Dr. Sultania believes in a holistic approach to skin diseases and tries to address the root cause of the problem. He offers a host of procedures for rejuvenating and enhancing the face and body.
His ability to perform a wide range of cosmetic treatment allows him to focus on and to recommend the best procedure for you and your aesthetic goals. His objective is to optimize your consultation and treatment while helping you to develop realistic expectations and to arrive at the best co-ordinated plan.
Dr. Sultania meets with you personally to evaluate your goals and answer any questions you have . In addition to emphasizing a patient-centered approach, he focuses on education and many of his patients are seems to be well - informed about their skin condition and various option available.
He is a certified expert for various biological that promise cutting edge treatment for chronic skin disease like Hansen’s Disease, psoriasis , eczema, urticaria and pemphigus.
With his years of experience and drive to help you with all that ails you , you can expect nothing but the best from him.